Helping Graduating Seniors


Since 1997 The Dayton Ole Tyme Days Festival Association, Inc has awarded scholarships to the graduating seniors of Dayton High School. The scholarships awarded are not based solely on academic achievement, but take into consideration excellence in extracurricular activities and roles of leadership within the community.  The merit-based scholarships made available by the Dayton Ole Tyme Days Association do not consider a student’s financial need, but are awarded based on academic, athletic, artistic or special-interest merit. Requirements for application: 1) be a member of the current graduating class of Dayton High School and 2) maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5.

Any member of the current graduating class from Dayton High School may apply. An application can be picked up from your assigned counselor or any member of the counseling staff.

The 2023 Dayton Ole Tyme Days Association Scholarship Recipients:

In 2023 the Dayton Ole Tyme Days Association was able to award
$21,500 in scholarships to 14 deserving members of the Dayton High School Senior Class!

In memory of Sharon Gray:
Samantha Mullan
In memory of Jackie Lambright:
Rebecca Johns

In memory of Barbara Reynolds:
Jadyn Houston

In memory of Jay Tankersley:
Emily Mika

In memory of Delores Bagley:
Gordon Smith
Layla Arce
Gilbert Chacon
Jaxon Purse Day
Mathew Dehoyoz
Efren Gongora
Annalise Howeth
Audrey Martinez
Eric Silva
Jerrell Williams
Previous Years Recipients

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